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Comments on the evening

“Anne’s excellent presentation really allowed us all to appreciate her large steel sculptures in situ very effectively  by giving us a great sense of how well they complement their environment,  whilst also showing their mobile qualities as the viewer moves around them, all this together with helpful references to influences on her work.  A great talk.” Christine

Collagraphic Printing with Janet Lueck

September 30th.

Janet is an Artist/Printmaker living and working in Oxford. Her specialism has involved creating Collagraph prints, which she first began in 1997 after becoming interested in this ‘Safe Print’ process, having previously worked with Etching and Woodcut print techniques.

Comments on the evening :

It was a great taster and insight into Collagraphic printing. Janet was clearly an experienced exponent of the craft and her enthusiasm was clear to see and hear. I think this is what EAG does so well, it offers lovely insight into other artists and their techniques. Long may it continue! – Chris.

Janet Lueck gave a very inspiring talk focussing mainly on collagraph printing. She showed many of her finished plates and resulting prints. She also talked us through the process and did a demonstration on preparing a plate. She was a great speaker and encouraged questions as she went along. She is very keen on returning with the possibility of her bringing her press so the whole process can be seen so look out next year for Janet Lueck part 2. – Laraine

The Great Big Green Week

September 18th to 26th

was all part of the National Environmental and Climate discussions that are going to be chaired by the UK in Glasgow at the end of September. It is all about encouraging local organisations or community groups together with individuals to do something Green/Environmental leading up to the conference. 

Eynsham Arts Group:
offered work made from natural forms including using recycled, found or waste materials.
Peter Shrimpton’s Mr. Whale II was above our heads in Fish ponds.
A 1/6th representation of a Blue Whale (Balenous musculus) fabricated from a range of reclaimed steel.

A day for water colours – Farmoor sketching day

It was lovely to meet up with other Arts Group members at Farmoor, especially as I hadn’t seen several of them for quite a long time, thanks to Covid. It was good weather – the coffee and the conversation were also good. 

There are plenty of subjects available – water, swans and coots, boats and boat paraphernalia but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to sketch people. We are lucky to have such a lovely place freely available to us.

Beth Wood

Eynsham Village Show

At the Eynsham Village Show we attracted many visitors who learnt about our group and what we do. Many wanted to know more about our Programme of Events and several were relieved to learn that absolutely anyone can join regardless of artistic talent. The whole afternoon was very friendly and many more residents are now pleasantly aware of our all-inclusive arts group.