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DateEvent detailsSpeaker
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd May
Thursday 26th, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May.

May Exhibition to coincide with Arts Week.
hand-in May 14th
Thursday 26th May

Every image I create is imbued with symbolism –
sacred geometry of shapes and patterns, light and colours, flowers, animals, Gods & Goddesses… All are visual expressions of the science manifesting reality. Images for connecting into with your Mind to enhance your experience of reality. To see more in my abstract and conceptual art look beyond the surface images and think of them as a ‘thought forms’ to blend into and work with. – Karen French

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The Pavilion at 7.15 pm
Karen French
Thursday 30th June The figure in movement and dynamic line.

Jill has been developing a pared down style of gestural drawing using vital, dynamic, minimal line to catch a pose, often held for only a few moments. She uses gestural brush strokes to describe the movement, laying paint upon paint – gesture and line, the previous movement overlaid by the next. To finish, Jill reduces the paint marks to reveal the figures within the overlays, graceful and suggestively facing this way and that.

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The Pavilion at 7.15 pm
Jill Colchester
Coming up this year :-
Venue and further details to come.
Thursday 28th JulyShow and Tell
Thursday 25th AugustSketching – Venue to be decided
Thursday 29th SeptemberRachel Gracey – A contemporary printmaker using silk screen,
etching, woodcut and lithography.
Thursday 27th OctoberJanet Lueck, part 2. – Collograph printing
Thursday 25th NovemberChristmas party and quiz.