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  • Julia Parker

    Julia Parker

    Julia is inspired by the nature and history around us, and uses the Cyanotype process in different ways to create unique mixed media artworks and fabric designs, many using locally sourced plants. Recent works on fabric have also been inspired by traditional Japanese ‘Sashiko’ stitching, combined with Cyanotype images Instagram: @urbansquirreldesign Facebook: Urban Squirrel Design Website:
  • Fredrica Craig

    Fredrica Craig

    Fredrica attended Belfast College of Art and she has continued to paint and draw in an experimental manner ever since then. In the 1970’s she lived in Trinidad where she painted and exhibited with some of Trinidad’s foremost painters. Now living near Oxford she finds the beautiful countryside a constant source of inspiration. She is a member of Westoxarts and Oxford Art Society and has exhibited in galleries in London, Oxford,Burford and Woodstock. Some of her paintings are in private collections in America, Australia and the Caribbean.
  • Nicholas Rous

    Nicholas Rous

    Welcome to this gallery of a selection of my paintings. I hope you enjoy browsing through them. I paint almost exclusively from photographs that I have taken, and often will have a painting in mind when I take a shot. The only medium I use is gouache. I appreciate its versatility, as it can be applied in washes just as watercolour, or used opaquely, even applying a light colour over a dark one, which is impossible with pure watercolour. A number of my paintings contain multiple washes of colour overlaid. For that reason I work on a heavy paper (usually Saunders Waterford 200lb/425gsm), but still stretch the paper first. Many of my paintings are simply celebrations of God’s wonderful creation in one of its many facets. My response may be to some spectacular scenery, climatic conditions, composition, or because it has some personal resonance for me. Or it may be something rather more quirky like weathered stonework or old furniture that has caught my attention, or a contrast between light and shade. I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery. If you are interested in purchasing a print, details can be found on the last page. Some original paintings are also available for purchase. I can be reached by email on
  • Paul Tomlinson

    Paul Tomlinson

    I was born in Stratford upon Avon and benefitted from a childhood filled with opportunity for travel, exploration and learning. I was actively turned on to an appreciation of the natural world, history, our cultural heritage and the environment. I studied engineering at Leeds University and Penn State University and worked for more than three decades in the construction industry. My career in construction was based in Oxfordshire, where I settled with my family. Having recently retired from the consultancy business of which I was a joint owner, I have spent time teaching, undertaking voluntary work for the RSPB, learning new skills in picture framing, travelling and living abroad (Cyprus) and developing my portfolio of artwork and photographs. What inspires me I am a keen birder and I have been able to pursue my interest in avian photography during my travels in recent years to Cyprus, Argentina, Egypt and Iceland, and my time spent as a volunteer warden at the RSPB reserve at Otmoor, near Oxford. I am endlessly inspired by the work of many of the Old Masters with which we are all familiar: Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Raphael and the Impressionists. I also love the decadent brilliance of Egon Schiele, who inspires my life drawing, and I appreciate the work of Victorian travellers such as Ruskin and Lear, whose work influences the sort of urban sketching and depictions of the built environment that I am currently working on.
  • Nick Lewis

    Nick Lewis

    I live in Oxfordshire with my wife, Tio (the Truly Irresistible One), and our son Lewis. Travels with MySelf is the story of my life since 1988, when I had just begun to have symptoms of MS, up to 2008. Before that, I had been a left- wing student in the 1960s, got married to a fellow student, Claire, had two children, Simon and Zoe, joined a revolutionary cult and found a job as a further education teacher.
  • Peter Shrimpton (IS&D)

    Peter Shrimpton (IS&D)

    Having completed an apprenticeship as a heating engineer in the 1970's I have always had an interest in the handling and welding of a range of materials. My work is generally created from a range of reclaimed/scavenged metals, with inspiration from either the materials themselves and whatever shapes or forms they are discovered in together with the natural world.
  • Alan Learney

    Alan Learney

    I did trained and worked as an Industrial Designer. Following time spent in designing domestic appliances and being involved in the early days of office computing I worked as a freelance designer, and in a partnership, before moving back into industry. As I progressed into Design and Project Management, away from hands on designing I started drawing and sketching as a hobby. Following a display of landscape drawings for a hotel in Cumbria I received several commissions which encouraged me to develop into watercolours and eventually I took up painting in acrylics and latterly using oils again. After moving to Oxfordshire I continued my hobby and received several commissions, mainly for house "portraits". I enjoy doing conversation piece compositions as well as traditional landscapes and seascapes.
  • Jane Tomlinson

    Jane Tomlinson

    Jane Tomlinson makes vibrant paintings inspired by the wonders of the natural world and a passion for global biodiversity. She also loves to paint maps. See Jane's website:
  • Christine Dowling

    Christine Dowling

    I have been painting all my life, and am particularly drawn to watercolour for its immediacy and the clarity of the colour. I aim to capture something of the energy in nature shown at a point in time. All subjects are interesting to me.
  • Sue Cox

    Sue Cox

  • Gordon Whiting

    Gordon Whiting

    The current work of Oxford Artist, Gordon Whiting. Working within the lush rolling landscape of Oxfordshire, his paintings often demonstrate his love of the countryside where he spent his childhood days. Educated at the Oxford School of Art, he studied under Reginald Grimshaw, Hubert Hennes and Lawrence Toynbee. It was here that he fell under the influences of Andre Derain, Henri Matisse and Amedeo Modigliani, which have been recurring themes in his work through the years.
  • Eric White

    Eric White

  • Jane Hale

    Jane Hale

  • Zahra Tharani

    Zahra Tharani

    I work as a professional fine artist and take commissions. Currently, I exhibit with Hampstead Garden Suburb Artists, Society of Fulham Artists and Sculptors, and Richmond Art Society. For me, art is about the way we look at things. I put my emotions of what I see onto the canvas. I like to work with the way light and colour makes our impressions of places and people. My love for art started as a young girl in Portugal and I was interested in how the weather affected how everyday things felt and looked. I studied creative arts in Portugal and took an undergraduate in Art History and Classics from Open University and a graduate degree in Ancient History from Kings College London. I have done an internship at the British Museum as a researcher. I have also worked as a guide at Leighton House Museum, and catalogued and photographed work in the Archive and Conservation department of the Courtauld Institute of Art. I enjoy bringing art into the everyday through paintings.
  • Julie Sailing Free

    Julie Sailing Free

    Julie Sailing-Free is a freelance artist living in a lovely village near Oxford, on the edge of the Cotswolds. She began her long and varied career working as a Graphic Designer for an advertising company based in London, then moved back to her home town in Essex to work as a graphic artist/illustrator within advertising and publishing. After a few years she decided it was the right time to go freelance and accepted contracts from Cambridge University Press, Heinemann and Longmans. More recently employed as a PA for a large manufacturing company, managing a local art gallery and a customer service manager for an online retail company. Julie has appeared as a 'Wild-Card' artist on the very popular 'Landscape Artist of the Year' programme on the Sky Arts channel, firstly on the Gower Peninsular in Wales and the following year on Plymouth Hoe. One of the few good things about lock-down was finding the extra time to busy herself with making art and also being more experimental and trying new processes. Therefore, following the first lock-down she decided it was the right time to fulfil her lifelong dream of working full time on painting and creating art. All artwork can be purchased via etsy- or directly by contacting her by email-
  • Alice Walker

    Alice Walker

    Alice Walker is and artist and teacher based in Eynsham, Oxfordshire. She has a deep love of being in and tending to the natural world and responding to it creatively. She believes in the power of the arts to transform, teach and heal all who participate. Alongside working in oils, watercolours, collage and pencil Alice loves to experiment with combining different printmaking techniques. Like most artists she makes art about the things she love. Recent inspiration has been found very close at home in the hedgerows and woods, fields and skies. Alice teaches regular art classes, and also at Oxford Art Summer School. She has been a frequent exhibitor with Oxford Art Weeks. Follow on: instagram - @alicewalkerart
  • Chris Matthews

    Chris Matthews

    Inspired by the nature that surrounds me. I love to create images that capture a moment in time and connect at some level with the viewer. I work mainly in oils and acrylic, but find pushing any pigment around a canvas, cathartic. I enjoy the journey with the unknown destination, that seems to be the joy of painting!
  • Rosemary Clegg

    Rosemary Clegg

    I just like drawing people. I especially enjoy life drawing and life drawing with a moving model. I trained as a computer programmer with the London Stock Exchange in 1968, so was one of the first women to ever set foot on their sacred all-male trading floor. I have worked in IT ever since. Its not exactly a relaxing environment but a few hours life drawing can do wonders for the nerves. Now as I am retired its still something I really enjoy.
  • Jenny Bowden

    Jenny Bowden

    I have always loved experimenting with form and colour from a very young age. I paint a variety of subjects. However, my passion in art lies with depicting Architecture in its many forms – in and around Oxford. Occasionally I enjoy painting other Cities, Countries and areas of interest. My preferred media is Ink and Watercolour. I constantly experiment with Traditional and Abstract styles - using bold application of colour against the precise figurative form of buildings.